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22 Inch Tires

When it comes to replacing 22 inch tires there are some things to keep in mind. First, always replace 22 inch tires with matching size tires. Ensure that the speed rating, tire pressure, and load range matches as well. You can find pertinent information regarding your vehicle’s tires on the inside of your door or on the tire’s sidewall. There are many reasons why tires should be purchased in a set, be of the same type, and have the same load capacity. First, mixing different tire types is dangerous and reduces your vehicle’s stability. Just purchasing four 22 inch tires is not enough. You need to make certain that your tires are of the same construction otherwise you risk damaging your braking system. It is always best to replace all four tires as a set, rather than purchasing them one at a time. If you cannot afford to purchase four 22 inch tires, then consider purchasing them in pairs. It is better to have two matching front or rear tires, as opposed to purchasing just one tire. However, the best set consists of four new, matching tires.

It isn’t enough just to ensure you have four 22 inch tires, but you must also make certain that your vehicle’s wheels match the original size specifications. You may not need to replace your wheels, but if you do, make certain that you select those according to the manufacturer’s design. Improper tire or wheel size can result in crashes that may prove fatal. Always check the internal air pressure of your tires and account for changes or fluctuations due to weather.

When choosing 22 inch tires, make certain you take into account cold or winter weather. Snow tires must match size and load range specifications of the original tires. Take your time and choose a pair of 22 inch snow tires that will meet your needs. Remember that the tread on snow tires may be less than what you find on regular tires. Some states or counties require the use of tire chains during winter weather. If you live in an area that requires the use of tire chains, make certain only to install them on the front tires. Check with your tire manufacturer to see if they recommend a specific tire chain for use with your tires.

Many people do not consider how dangerous ill fitting tires are for their safety. Not only should tires have the correct amount of air pressure and be the appropriate size, but also they must have a good level of tread. Tires should be rotated at least every 5,000 miles so that you may observe the tread depth on the entire tire. Tires more than five years old will more than likely need to be replaced. Signs to look for include tires with cracks, bulging sidewalls, or worn out treads. Tires have their date of manufacturer located on the sidewall. Make certain to check this number and replace tires that are too old. In addition, check tread for wear. Tires should be replaced when the tread wears down to a measurement of 2/32 of an inch.

Consider the type of terrain you drive and whether you drive long or short distances when choosing the best 22 inch tires for your needs. Do you travel in your neighborhood or do you frequent highways? Do you drive on new roads and terrain or do you spend a great deal of time traveling over faulty roads, potholes or off road? The type of driving you perform will determine how much abuse your tires will take. One method used by many motorists to determine tread loss on tires is the penny test. This test involves placing a penny between the center region of the thickest part of the tread. Have President Lincoln facing you and hold the penny upside down. If you can see any portion of President Lincoln’s hair, then the tread is too low and the tire needs to be replaced.

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