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Bridgestone Blizzak

Created by Bridgestone, Blizzak tires are known for their extensive reputation. As snow tires, Blizzak promises to ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle weather and road conditions such as snow, rain, sleet, ice and more. Your first line of contact with ice or snow covered roads are your tires. This makes choosing the best pair of tires a necessity, as they are your first line of defense against danger. Blizzak winter and snow tires are designed to give superior performance and a smooth ride on a number of different terrains. When choosing Blizzak tires, it is crucial that you compare different brands and select the ones that best match your needs. For many consumers, Blizzak tires provide the best protection during winter weather driving conditions.

First introduced in 1992, Blizzak tires are associated with high quality and premium performance. Blizzak tires are revered for their ability to handle a wide array of situations including heavy snow, mild winter weather, and even black ice.

One of the secrets to Blizzak tires that make them a popular snow tire choice include their dual or double tread construction. Though Blizzak tires were first introduces in the early 90s, they were developed in the 1980s and were available on the Japanese market. The tires were designed to be an effective, studless snow and ice tire. They are known for their ability to handle a number of weather conditions while remaining steady and stable on the road.

When choosing Blizzak tires you’ll need to specify a type and compare different attributes to find the most applicable tire for your needs. You can compare each attribute according to the rating given to the tire from Bridgestone. The dry performance rating determines how well the tires handle driving in dry conditions. This is determined by testing the tire’s ability to handle and grip the road. Other factors to consider include wet performance, wear life, noise factors, fuel efficiency, ride comfort, and performance on snow and ice and winter conditions.

Wet performance determines how the tires handle a variety of weather conditions that range from mild precipitation to heavy, compacted snow while wear life refers to the tread on the tire. Keep in mind that wear life determines how long tread should last under normal, driving conditions and not when driving for extended time periods in wet or snowy conditions. Carefully consider the noise factor as tires may be loud, noisy, or quiet in their ability to minimize the amount of road noise it meets.

Fuel efficiency refers to how the tire utilizes or incorporates with your vehicle’s fuel system. Some tires provide a smooth, steady ride which can prove to be more fuel efficient than other tire brands or designs. When driving in winter weather, you want to ensure that you select a tire that extends your fuel mileage. Just as tires can minimize a road’s noise level, choose tires that can effectively negate a road’s vibrations, and how it interprets or minimizes motion. This is especially important to consider, as you will want to make certain that your vehicle can handle the variations in road conditions during winter weather without causing discomfort to those riding in the vehicle.

Blizzak tires are designed specifically for winter weather, therefore they are not recommended for those seeking tires for use in an off road environment. When choosing tires from Bridgestone, keep in mind that only winter and all-purpose tires have a rating that designates how the tires handle winter weather. Snow ratings determine how the tires handle driving through areas covered with snow. Like winter ratings, only winter and all purpose tires by Bridgestone carry the snow rating. The final rating provided by Bridgestone is ice. Not all Blizzak tires score a perfect 10 rating in the area of snow, ice and winter weather, making it imperative to perform your research and choose the best set of Blizzak tires for your driving needs. Sets that have a perfect ten rating for winter, snow, and ice include the Blizzak DM-V1, MZ-03, W965, WS60, and the Blizzak WS70. Blizzak tires are an excellent choice for those seeking high quality, durable winter tires.

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