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Falken tires are designed by the Falken Tire Corporation. This brand of tires dates back to 1983 with its first tire production as a brand of Ohtsu performance tires. The Falken brand is currently partnered along with Dunlop Tyres to create Dunlop Falken Tires Ltd which serves as the parent group of the Falken Tire Corporation. The selection of Falken tires includes tires for passenger cars, light trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUV's), trucks, and busses. While the brand does not have as much recognition power as many others, it still has seen tremendous success for being in the business for such a little time.

One aspect which makes the selection of Falken tires very appealing is the affordability of these tires. They have many tires priced well under $100 per tire and even their higher end models are very reasonably priced. If you are looking to buy quality tires on a strict budget the selection of Falken tires may truly be a hidden gem for you. This is still a growing brand but their products have had great reception so far so they are definitely worth considering when shopping for a new set of tires.

It is definitely recommended that you compare the designs of tires offered between various brands before deciding on the tire model that you want to buy. If you have decided on choosing a set of tires in the Falken lineup then you will need to take some things into account. First off, most of these tires are very affordable but setting up a budget is always helpful when comparing. You may want to look for promotional offers such as price cuts or mail-in rebates to help you with minimizing the cost of the tires as well.

When you are choosing between different models of Falken tires you will want to consider the major features and specifications of the tires. There are options of all-season, winter or snow, and summer tires. You should have a good idea of what would be best for your vehicle. A set of all-season tires is only recommended for summer driving unless the winter conditions are not very bad in your area. When choosing between tires based on this requirement you will also want to evaluate the dry, wet, snow, and ice performance of the tires.

The best way to get a better idea on the benefits and quality of a particular set of Falken tires is to look for reviews on it. There are many tire review websites and some online car forums that discuss particular tire models as well. When you check a review website you should be able to view an average rating on a variety of features such as the aforementioned dry, wet, snow, and ice performance. Other features that may be evaluated include handling, ride comfort, quietness, and treadwear. The treadwear of the tires is another major factor to consider as it will help determine the value of the investment. The mileage warranty of the tire should give you a good idea on how long they will last you. You can also check the reviews to see how long they have last previous users of the particular Falken tire model and roughly estimate what to expect out of them.

There are many other variables that you can bring into play to help you decide on the best Falken tires design to invest in for your vehicle. It may be beneficial to look for an online tire buying guide to help you with the process. You will want to assess other factors such as the speed rating, load index, and visual appeal of the tires. When comparing your options it is ideal to determine what factors are the most necessary and create your criteria in order of importance so you can find the best overall tire for you to buy.

The last thing that definitely has to be considered when buying a new set of Falken tires is the size that you require. This is something which many people are unfamiliar with so it is important to educate yourself if you do not already know how to choose the right size. A safe bet would be to look at the size of the tires that are currently on your vehicle, or the specifications of the factory tires from your vehicle. This information is displayed on the tire code which can be found on the sidewall of any of the tires. If you do not know how to read the code then you can do a quick search online to help decipher it.

Shopping for a new set of tires can definitely be a hassle as there are many different products that you can choose from. With such a wide selection it can be a never ending cycle when trying to choose which tires you want to buy. This is why it is so important to determine the requirements that you have for both the features and specifications of the tire. Ultimately, the selection of Falken tires offers many quality tires which are definitely recommended and worth considering but you will need to make sure you choose the right design for your vehicle to get the most out of your money.

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