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Fuzion tires are a division of Bridgestone and specialize in three types of high performance tires. There are Fuzion UHP, Fuzion Touring, and Fuzion SUV tires available to choose. Fuzion UHP and Fuzion SUV tires are all season. Fuzion SUV tires are useful for both on and off road driving and have a 50,000 mile limited tread warranty. Fuzion Touring tires are all season and tires with a T-Speed rating have a 55,000 mile limited warranty. Those rated H and V have a 40,000 mile limited tread warranty. One of the benefits motorists often cite regarding Fuzion tires is that they are durable and inexpensive.

Before choosing Fuzion tires, make certain that you determine the tire’s basic limited warranty and what that entails. Typically, tire warranties will involve retaining the proof of purchase as well as the date of the tire’s manufacturing and purchase. Some warranties may be enacted if you can prove the date of the tire’s manufacturer, even if you do not have proof of purchase, so check into a warranty, even if you do not have a receipt. Most tire warranties are void if the tread wears away below 2/32 inches so it is important to monitor the amount of tread that is wearing away as well. All warranties have exclusions so ensure that you determine the exclusions as applicable when choosing Fuzion tires. Fuzion tires are built in the United States and are under the U.S. based Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. There are retail locations that sell Fuzion tires throughout the nation.

The most important factor to take into consideration when choosing a set of tires is safety. Safety is often determined by choosing the correct size tires, keeping them inflated to the recommended level, and choosing the appropriate type of tire for the driving conditions needed. Consider the weather climate and the area in which you will be driving and choose Fuzion tires accordingly. Keep in mind that it is best to purchase tires in a set as different tires may provide uneven traction and can cause instability in the vehicle. It is better to purchase all new Fuzion tires, even if you were attempting to replace one tire. You may feel it is a bit expensive to replace four tires if you only need one or two, but it is better to make the investment in the safety and stability of your vehicle then it is to keep the money in your pocket. If you absolutely cannot afford to replace all four tires then choose a tire that is most similar to the ones currently on your vehicle.

If you are planning to upgrade the size of your tires, you will need to check with your operator’s manual, and speak with a Fuzion tires representative as choosing the correct size is one of the most important steps used for the safety of your vehicle. The correct tire size will ensure that your vehicle can handle transporting the weight requirements as needed by your vehicle. If the wrong tire size is selected your vehicle will become unstable, the tires will wear down and lose tread. Consider the tire’s diameter as this will directly affect the amount of speed your vehicle will get. It is important to realize that different vehicles have a different span of diameter they may choose. For example, it is recommended that when choosing a tire's diameter to stay within 3% of the recommended size for vans and regular automobiles. Pickup trucks and SUVs may handle diameter measurements up to 15% greater than the recommended size. An oversized tire that fits within the vehicle manufacturer’s sizing guide can help increase speed and provide better traction over a variety of terrains.

By taking the time to choose the best tires for your vehicle and ensuring that the Fuzion tires you select are the correct size, you can rest assured that your tires will provide the support, strength, and balance your vehicle needs to operate at maximum capacity.

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