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Goodyear (The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company) is one of the most popular tire brands in the world. It was originally founded in 1898 and has grown in popularity tremendously over the past century. The company was respectively named after Charles Goodyear whom was the inventor of vulcanized rubber. The brand has been recognized as the sole supplier of tires for NASCAR and it has also been considered as the top supplier of tires for Formula One even after stopping their partnership in 1998. The brand is also seen as a top supplier of tires all around the world for passenger vehicles, trucks, and more.

What makes Goodyear tires such a great investment is that this particular brand of tires is one of the few which are quality made and dependable yet have a reasonable price tag. You should be able to find a set of Goodyear tires within your budget range when shopping around so these tires will be well worth considering. The extensive positive reviews alone for Goodyear tires display just how great value these tires really are.

If you have decided on buying a set of Goodyear tires then it is necessary that you know what to consider so you can choose the right set for you. There are many things that will come into consideration so finding a guide to help you with buying the set of tires may be beneficial. The first thing you may want to do is set a budget to follow but this is mostly effective when comparing tires between different brands.

You will have to figure out the exact size requirements for the tires to make sure that they fit your vehicle perfectly. Many people upsize their tires but this is not particularly recommended. You could use the specifications of your current tires as a guideline for what to look for when buying a set of Goodyear tires. You can check the owner’s manual or look online to find out the suggested tire dimensions as well. If you are using your current tire specifications then you can find them on the sidewall of the tire. If you are unsure of the definition of the code then do a quick search online so you know exactly what it means.

The speed rating of the tire should be taken into consideration. Ratings range between 99mph and 186mph. This rating determines at what speed the tires become less effective at stopping heat from accumulating in the tire. A tire wears quicker if it is heated up so you will want a set of tires with a strong speed rating to get the most longevity out of them. Thankfully, most of the sets of Goodyear tires that are available have a speed rating which is sufficient for both city and highway driving. The load rating may also be something to consider making sure that the tires can reliably handle the total load of your vehicle.

Once you have determined your size requirements you will be able to compare the options of Goodyear tires that are available. You may want to compare your options based on criteria such as the tire’s speed rating, load rating, and durability. It is necessary that you shop for the right type of Goodyear tires as well. A major difference between the tires will be the features that they include such as being able to drive on snowy, icy, or muddy roads. You can choose from all-season tires, winter tires, and more under the Goodyear brand.

You will have to decide exactly what you want in the set of Goodyear tires that you plan to buy. You must stick to the sizing that you require and choose between sets based on quality and price. You could check for reviews of specific sets of Goodyear tires as well to get a good idea on what to expect from them. There are many websites that have reviews of particular models of the brand’s tires so you should be able to figure out which tires would be the best for you to invest in.

Shopping for a new set of tires for your vehicle can be a difficult task if you are not sure of what to look for. It is important that you have an exact set of requirements and know the precise dimensions which are required for the tires. By making an effort to research the best choice of Goodyear tires you will be able to get the most out of your money. In closing, Goodyear is a top brand of tires which should have a set of tires that offer all you want for an affordable price but you will have to take time to find the right set for your vehicle.

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