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Nexen (or Nexen Tire Corporation) is a tire brand out of South Korea that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The company first established in 1942 under the name “Heung-A Tire” and started producing car tires in 1956, rebranding in 2000 to the Nexen name. Over the years the Nexen brand has seen an incredible growth of popularity for their line of tires for both cars and light trucks and now holds a considerable market share in the domestic tire industry. The brand’s products reach many countries across the world and their extensive selection of quality tires ultimately makes them a top consideration when tire shopping.

The Nexen brand features many options of domestic tires for passenger cars, high performance vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV's) and light trucks. Most of the Nexen tires are designed for all season driving. They have some season, terrain, and weather based models of tires that are available as well though. Overall, their selection of domestic tires is very affordably priced and the brand is considered a quality competitor to other top tire brands. For this reason it is suggested that you look at the Nexen tires that are available once you know exactly what you are looking for.

There are many different designs of Nexen tires that are available so it is important to know what you are looking for to get the most out of your investment. Even if you are shopping between brands it is necessary to know the specifications you desire for the set of tires you are looking to buy. There are many different factors that could be considered. A suggestion would be to find a tire buying guide online that you can use to help you with figuring out your requirements and finding the most effective set for your needs.

The first thing that you should do when shopping for a set of tires for your vehicle is set a budget. You will want to determine an amount that you will allow yourself to spend on the tires. A set of tires can get rather pricey but thankfully most Nexen tires are considered to be affordable. If you are shopping between brands then setting a budget will be especially important. You can then narrow down the options of tires that are available to only the sets that are within your affordable price range.

The next thing that must be determined is the size that the tires must be. Buying the right size of tires is very important. If you choose an inappropriate tire size then it could lower your gas mileage, decrease the mileage expectancy of the tires, and make for an uncomfortable ride. Many people make the mistake of upsizing their tires and end up enduring the disadvantages of doing so. It may be an appealing option to you but if you want the most efficiency and dependability out of the tires then you should get the exact size your vehicle requires. You can find out the size that your tire requires by checking the sidewall for a size marking.

It is essential that you compare the features and specifications of the tires. The price and size are two obvious factors but they are not really tire specific. Some major factors that you will want to consider in this aspect include the tire’s speed rating, load rating, terrain type, and life expectancy. There are many other factors that you may want to consider as well but these are a few examples which you should think about when comparing sets of tires.

The speed rating of the tires is a very important factor that must be considered, especially when buying a set of Nexen tires for a performance vehicle. The speed rating is basically a grading which displays the tire’s ability to perform at certain speeds. The higher the speed rating, the faster the tires can work at before they begin heating up. A higher speed rating can provide a better life expectancy for the tires and be more efficient overall as well. Most Nexen tires have a sufficient speed rating for city and highway speed limits but you may want to set a minimum requirement to shop for especially if you are buying tires for a performance vehicle.

The load rating is used to determine the amount of weight that each tire can hold. This is not a major concern as most tires will be suitable for the vehicle type that they are compatible with. This is more so an issue that needs to be addressed for larger trucks and other vehicles that transport heavy loads. If your vehicle will ever have a heavy load then it is important to have a better load rating to minimize stress on the tires and give the smoother ride, best gas mileage, and longest tire life expectancy possible.

The terrain type refers to the type of road conditions which the tires are compatible with. For instance, there are tires available that are best suited for city and highway, off road, and mud driving. The weather conditions could be a factor that you have to weigh in as well. You can find all-season tires which are suitable for less harsh winter conditions or you could invest in snow tires for the winter months. You may want to consider a tire chain to use with all-season tires as well as it may be a money saver and serve as a convenience as you will not have to change the tires every year. Lastly, the life expectancy will obviously need to be considered as it is a direct factor in the quality and value of the tires. Keep in mind that many things can factor the tire’s mileage expectancy though and choosing the most qualified set of tires could provide a longer lifetime for them.

Buying a new set of tires can be a difficult job if you are unsure of exactly what to look for. Each tire brand has a diverse selection of tires which differ in features and specifications. To get the most out of the tires on your vehicle it is necessary to figure out what your requirements are. You will want to consider your options and determine the criteria you will follow when shopping around. Ultimately, the selection of Nexen tires gives you many affordable and quality options to choose from so they should be a top consideration as they will likely have what you are looking for.

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