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Nitto tires are a division of the Toyo Tire & Rubber Company that was started in 1945 in Osaka, Japan. Today, the Nitto Tire North America branch is one of the most popular tire brands nationwide. Whether choosing Nitto tires brand new or selecting a replacement set it is important to keep some things in mind to ensure that you select the best set for your needs. First, you must make certain that when choosing Nitto tires you select those that complement the standards set forth by the original vehicle manufacturer. You must pay careful attention to the size of the tires, their load range and capacity as determined by tire inflation, and ensure that the Nitto tires you select can easily handle the weight of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the load carrying capacity of your tires is directly related to the amount of air in the tire. You must ensure that you never overinflate tires and choose the correct size. You can find more information about Nitto tires maximum load capacity and inflammation tables through information from Nitto when you purchase the tires. When choosing Nitto tires make certain to determine the maximum load capacity. You can find this information by looking at the tire’s sidewall.

Another area that must be taken into consideration is the tire’s speed rating. Nitto tires have a speed rating and it is important that those who are purchasing tires determine whether they are going to upgrade, maintain, or downgrade their current tire’s speed rating. Some tires may be upgraded to an equal or greater rating, while those who are choosing to replace their tires with snow tires for winter weather may wish to downgrade the speed rating. Whichever method you decide is best, it is recommended that you do not select different tires with different speed ratings. It is always best to choose a brand new set of tires, as opposed to just purchasing one or two new tires. For those who cannot afford to purchase all new tires, place those that are most similar and new on the rear axle. This is true, unless, the new tires are snow tires.

When purchasing Nitto tires, especially for passenger or light trucks, you will want to keep in mind factors that may affect your warranty. Check with the company and determine warranties based upon tire type, the speed rating, if there is a mileage clause, how long the warranty is in effect for, and what determines when the company will pay for free tire replacement. Find out what your limited warranty entails and check for specifics regarding treadwear. Most limited warranties are applicable only to the original purchaser of Nitto tires and that the tires were originally installed on the vehicle. If you purchase Nitto tires to update a vehicle, ensure that you understand the legalities regarding those warranties. Also, keep in mind that with some warranties, you will be held responsible for costs associated with taxes. You will also need to follow company procedures in order to make a claim.

Those seeking to claim a warranty due to treadwear may find they are responsible for paying a prorated cost of charges related to installation and purchase of a replacement tire. There are many situations that are not covered by treadwear warranties and you will need to keep these in mind before filing a claim. Nitto tires that become damaged due to problems with a road, over or under inflation, cosmetic changes to the wheels or brake system that resulted in faulty tire use, vehicles that drove with flat or underinflated tires.

Use a tire pressure gauge to determine the amount of air pressure in a tire and do not count on your eyes, as this will not give you an accurate reading. The best way to determine the amount of air in your tire is by using a tire pressure gauge. Make certain that you understand the warranty process, how to file a claim, and ensure that your situation qualifies under the limited warranty’s regulations.

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