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Semi Truck Tires

Semi truck tires are a commercial apparatus that must be chosen specifically for the type of truck you are driving. The first aspect to take into consideration is safety. As a semi truck is a large vehicle, that can cause serious damage to other vehicles should it be involved in an accident, it is imperative that sturdy, durable semi truck tires are selected. Another issue that must be taken into consideration is fuel efficiency. The tires that you select will have a direct impact on the amount of fuel that is used. Take your time to research various semi truck tires and select the brand and model that best meets your needs.

There are various types of semi trucks and it is important to consider the product the truck will haul when choosing semi truck tires. Often called heavy tires, these commercial varieties are used for buses, semi trucks used for liquid transportation, food distribution, and more. Most semi trucks are used for long haul, making it imperative that good, quality tires are selected. As semi trucks have a trailer, you will need to choose semi truck tires based upon their position on the vehicle as well. Options include the drive and trailer axle as well as all position tires. Once you know what kind of semi truck tires you need, you will need to select a tire size. When selecting semi truck tires look for those that are dependable as well as cost efficient. Most trucks intended for long haul use tend to have drive axle position tires.

Another important factor to consider when choosing commercial semi truck tires is maintenance. The type of tire you select will play an important role in determining how long they last. The basic types of semi truck tires are all position, drive axle, and trailer axle. Steer or all position tires are considered as the most important tires you can select. All position tires determine the way the truck handles on the road as well as steers. These tires perform best when in the front, steer axle position. Drive axle tires are extremely important as well as they will determine your vehicle’s traction when on the road. Look for the type of tread used on the tires, as this will greatly influence the way the tires handle various traction on different surfaces. Look for drive axle tires that have been manufactured specifically for the purpose you need them for.

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing trailer axle tires. The tractor has an enormous amount of weight placed on it and is often forced to make sudden stops or sharp turns. Look for trailer axles that have strong or reinforced sidewalls. The tires that you select for a long haul truck or local hauls will have different tires. Those who drive semi trucks for the long haul often encounter high speeds. Long haul vehicles often spend a great deal of time driving on highways. The typical long haul truck drives approximately 80,000 miles per year. Semi truck tries for long haul drivers should have low abrasion and the ability to drive for a long time without the tread wearing away.

Regional or local truck drivers may drive on highways, but spend a greater portion of the time driving off road. The yearly amount of mileage driven by local or regional truck drivers averages between 30,000 and 80,000 miles. Once you have found the type of semi truck tires that meet your truck driving needs, compare different warranties. Some truck companies will offer special services such as roadside assistance for those who purchase their tires.

Finally, some additional areas to consider when choosing semi truck tires include the shoulder design, the tread depth and radius, stone ejectors, the blading pattern and the type of casing and belts used. By considering these factors, you can rest assured that you will select the best semi truck tries for your vehicle.

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