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Sumitomo tires are designed by Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. This is a Japanese company which dates back to 1909. At first, the Sumitomo Group made a partial investment into Dunlop Japan. In 1963, the Sumitomo Group purchased Dunlop Japan and renamed it to the first mentioned name. In 1997, a joint venture partnership was worked out with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company which lead to Goodyear holding majority ownership of Dunlop Tyres. There is a major selection between these brands but the Sumitomo tires are ones which often get overlooked.

Most Sumitomo tires receive very good reviews from users. Some of the tires offered by this brand are classifiable as average while others are designed to be very impressive. This brand’s tires are definitely worth looking into when shopping for a new set of tires. While they are not the most popular choice the quality of the tires is still high and they make for great competition to the products offered by other tire brands.

The Sumitomo brand offers performance, medium trucks, and a limited selection of sports utility vehicle tires. There are many different models of both performance and medium truck tires in particular. If you are looking for a set of Sumitomo tires to buy then you will definitely want to compare the models that are available to find the right one for your vehicle. Firstly though, it may be a good idea to set a budget to make sure you do not overspend on the tires. This will be especially helpful if you are comparing options between multiple brands.

Your best option would be to look at the Sumitomo Tire website and see the selection of tires that are available. You will be able to read about what the features and specifications for each tire model are. For instance, medium truck tires vary based on their main features such as the Long Haul Drive, Open Shoulder Drive, Premium Wide Base, and Extra Deep Traction designs. You will want to compare the major features that are available and determine which design offers the most for your needs.

When comparing the Sumitomo tires that are available you will want to look at all the features that the tires offer. You will want to make sure that the tire offers excellent performance in the aspects that are most important, such as a high rating for winter performance. You can check online for reviews and comments on particular models to see how well a particular model of Sumitomo tires are graded. This will help you get information on important variables such as wet, dry, and snow performance, fuel efficiency, ride comfort, and more. Also, be sure that you invest in the correct type of tires for your vehicle such as the Premium Touring design for luxury cars.

If you have decided that you would like to buy a new set of Sumitomo tires you will want to consider a few other factors as well. Some things that you may want to consider include the tire’s speed rating, load index, and more. The treadwear of the tires is something else well worth considering. You could check the mileage warranty for the tires as it will give you a good idea on how long lasting the tires are. If you check for a tire buying guide online you can find all the details that you should look at when comparing your options.

The last thing that you should make sure to consider is the size of tires that you require. There are many components to this aside from just the tire diameter, although this will be the main factor in whether the tires will fit or not. You will want to consider the tire’s diameter, aspect ratio, tread specifications, and more. If you are unsure of the size that you require then you could just go with the sizing of your factory tires. You can check on the sidewall of these tires for a tire code which will provide you details of the tire’s sizing and other specifications. If you do not know how to read this code then you can search online for a short tutorial for this process but do not worry as it is very easy to learn how.

There are many different options available when shopping for a new set of tires. With so many brands and various specific models of tires it is essential that you take the time to shop around and find the best model of tires for your vehicle. If you have determined your requirements then you can shop around with these criteria and find the most suitable tire for your needs. To conclude, the selection of Sumitomo tires offers many great designs of tires which should at least be considered when shopping for a new set of tires.

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