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Founded in 1945 in Tokyo, Japan, Toyo Tire and Rubber Company began selling their tires in the United States in 1966. Toyo tires have earned a reputation for being a sturdy, durable and trustworthy company. Toyo specializes in tires for everyday driving in passenger cars and minivans as well as luxury vehicles, winter tires for conditions prone to heavy snow and rainfall, and sports cars. Before choosing the best Toyo tires for your vehicle, you’ll need to decide the exact specifications required, including size as well as the best suited tires for your driving needs.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is whether you will need all purpose tires, winter tires, all season, and high performance. After you have selected the best tires for your needs, take the time to ensure that you give your tires the care they need to ensure their longevity. After selecting Toyo tires, you’ll need to take steps to maintain them. Understand what the information means on the tire’s sidewall as well as this contains pertinent information. Keep in mind specific safety measures that you may taken while driving that will help keep your tires in their best condition. Other important steps you may take include understanding the basics of plus sizing, how to properly inflate tires, and the maximum load capacity for your vehicle. As with any tires, those who select Toyo tires should make certain they are well familiar with the warranty information that is applicable. There are certain factors and exclusions that can cause your warranty to become void.

Proper inflation is one of the most critical steps that all owners of Toyo tires can take to make certain their tires remain in premium condition. Other steps include having the tires regularly rotated, ensuring they are well balanced, making certain they are in proper alignment, and having your Toyo tires regularly inspected to ensure they are in proper working condition.

Reading a tire’s sidewall is another important step that must be taken so that you may steps, you may thoroughly understand the capabilities of your tires. The sidewall determines many important factors such as the speed rating, the load index capacity, the aspect ratio, width, diameter, temperature grade, tread wear, and traction ratings for the tire. Take the time to research Toyo tires and make certain you select the appropriate tires for your driving specifications and requirements.

It isn’t enough to just have a driver’s license and assume you know everything there is to vehicle and tire safety. Take the time to research Toyo tires and practice proper safety methods to ensure you get the most use from your tires. Understand maximum load capacity and pay special attention to driving during winter climates. Pay attention to your state’s rules as you may be required by law to use winter tires. Even if you switch to winter or snow tires, there are still additional steps you may take to make certain that you maintain the safety of your tires and vehicle. Certain situations that may require a driver to exercise extreme caution include hydroplaning, driving in winter weather conditions, such as on ice and snow, plus sizing tires and wheels, loading and inflating Toyo tires.

Always consult with your Toyo tires’ owner’s manual and make certain that you completely understand the recommended way to maintain, operate, and care for your tires. Perform regular maintenance on your tires, ensure that you keep the recommended tire pressure, and have them regularly inspected to ensure they are in proper working order. Never ignore the importance of having your tires rotated and avoid driving behaviors that could cause damage to your tires. Avoid spinning your tires, driving at high speeds, and avoid dangerous situations such as driving on ice and snow or hydroplaning. Always drive at safe speeds and do not hesitate to lower your speed as situations arise. Ensure that you have plenty of stopping distance and increase your room between vehicles during situations of hazardous or dangerous weather. Check the condition of your Toyo tires before driving to ensure they are in proper working order and check for visual signs of damage or wear. Have your tires repaired or replaced at the first signs of damage.

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